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We believe that a vibrant, caring community is the result of an active, engaged citizenry. Through education and encouragement to action, Leadership Redding provides individuals with an opportunity to develop as community leaders by connecting them to the people, places, and experiences of the Greater Redding Region.

Leadership Redding has made the difficult decision to pause normal programming for this year.  We are committed to completing the cycle for the “Class of 2019-2020” when conditions permit.  Meanwhile, our Steering Committee will move forward with work to strengthen and improve what we do, prepare for a successful “Class of 2021-2022”, and stay connected with our local community.  Many thanks to each one of our participants, volunteers and sponsors for your enduring support of this important program.

Steering Committee

A group of select Leadership Redding graduates that have chosen to help drive the direction of the program.

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To create a well-informed citizenry dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Greater Redding Region through civic and community involvement.

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Since 1985, Leadership Redding has contributed to the development of over 800 community leaders by providing them education and networking opportunities. We couldn’t do this without the support of our amazing sponsors.

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