Alumni Volunteer Program

In 2014, members of the Alumni Team worked with the Shasta Regional Community Foundation to create a viable process for Leadership Redding Alumni to volunteer at community events.

In order to arrange for Leadership Redding volunteers, a business or LR alumnus must submit a volunteer request form (located at the bottom of this page). All requests must have an LR alumnus act as the lead for volunteers and they will be reviewed and approved by the Alumni team. The volunteer request should be submitted via email to current Alumni Chair Mary Boisselle at or in person at one of the LR alumni meetings. Meetings are typically held the third Thursday of each month at The Grape Escape located at 1747 Market St in Redding (next to the Cascade Theatre).

Please turn in request forms with as much lead notice as possible. If an organization is requesting LR volunteers but does not yet have an alumnus designated as their lead, the Alumni Chair or Co-Chair will send out an email request to all alumni.

Once there is an identified alumnus and the Alumni Team has approved the project, the Alumni Chair will notify the Steering Committee (during the monthly meeting or via email). The Steering Committee will have the option to comment or make recommendations to the Alumni Team regarding the project. (If the notification is via email, the Steering Committee will have one week to respond.) Comments or suggestions will be noted by the Alumni Chair, or Co-Chair and acted on as appropriate.

Please note that family and friends, 18 years or older, may volunteer with an alumnus present. Individual exceptions to this age limit may be made if approved by the Alumni Chair and Team. Also, the organization/business contact person and the LR alumnus lead will sign the volunteer request form acknowledging and agreeing to follow the guidelines written below.

Will follow the guidelines approved by the SC and SRCF
Will maintain appropriate behavior and actions
Will dress appropriately for the volunteer project
Each project will have a team leader/coordinator present at all times
Each project will be submitted by a LR alumni member
The Alumni Team will approve, by a majority vote.
If not approved, the Alumni Team may make recommendations in order to approve the project
The Alumni Chair will update the Steering Committee (SC) on all events
Will wear appropriate safety gear/equipment

Will not serve alcohol
Will not consume alcohol
Will not use obscene language

At the completion of each project, the team leaders will submit a brief written report to the Alumni Chair. This report will include:
• Type of Organization and Event
• Type of volunteering performed
• How many people (volunteers and others) were involved
• What was done well and/or what could have been improved
• A copy of the Volunteer Request Form and note any discrepancies. (Example: 10 Volunteers were requested – needed only 5)
• Copies of or the originals of the Volunteer Check List and noting if it was adhered to.

This report will be submitted to the Alumni Chair, or Co-Chair, who will share this with the Steering Committee as well as submitting a copy to Shasta Regional Community Foundation.

You can find the volunteer request form here: LR VOLUNTEER REQUEST FORM