Program Description

The Leadership Redding program runs from September to May. The program begins with an orientation, followed by a mandatory Weekend Workshop. Class members will attend 10 program days (8am-5pm) generally on the first Thursday of each month (with the exception of September which is held the third Thursday and in May, when class members attend two program days). The program days include:

  • Government Day
  • Arts and Culture Day
  • Social Issues Day
  • Heritage Day
  • Health and Wellness Day
  • Economic Development Day
  • Environment and Recreation Day
  • Education Day
  • Public Safety Day
  • Vision and Stewardship Day

The year is concluded with a graduation ceremony.

Classes have the option of undertaking a stewardship project focusing the participants not only on learning, but on doing something collectively to make a difference in their community.

The Leadership Redding Program is directed by an Alumni Steering Committee. It is their responsibility to update and maintain the integrity of the program.  The Steering Committee members, session facilitators, and session speakers are all individuals who are willing to donate their time to the program.